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When inspecting for the presence of lead, it is not something that you can hire a novice for. You need certified professionals to ensure that your house is lead-free before you start living in it. This is because it takes years of experience to conduct a lead inspection and risk assessment perfectly. If it’s not done well, you will be putting your and your family’s safety at risk.

This is where we come into the picture. We are a team of certified lead inspectors. With a spotless record for the past 30 years, we have developed expertise in assessing the entire interior and exterior parts of the property thoroughly.

Our professionals make it a point to test the full exterior and interior of the property before they take an exit and offer a report to you. They conduct lead test sampling each square foot of the property where it could be hazardous for lead-based paint. We also offer free soil sampling and removal of hazardous paint samples, if needed for abatement.

For us, it is your peace of mind and safety that helps us stay motivated and dedicated.

Our professional lead inspectors keep an eye on every little detail. They are highly recommended for those who are in search of humble and friendly service providers for lead-inspection in Waldorf.

Who Should Opt For Lead-free Inspection

In the constructions that were completed before 1978 and haven’t been touched since, a majority of the houses will indicate the presence of lead. Thus, out of all, old construction houses are required to be tested definitely.

Apart from independent houses and other residential properties like condos, we also have experts that are capable of examining commercial properties. These commercial properties could include churches, daycare, nurseries, or even property under rental business owners.

If you have a property that you are doubtful about and are looking for the best lead inspectors in Waldorf, you can call us today. We can help you determine if purchasing the property would be a smart decision or not.

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